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Humla a hidden Beauty in the far west of Nepal.



New photos of Saipal and Village Chala are online.

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New Video of Humla is online: An Ancient way of life...

Changla to Limi Valley Trek - 29 Days

Changla to Limi Valley Trek is very new adventure trail in upper Humla circuit. Changla Valley Trek is blend of culture and nature of upper Humla. This trek pass by Thehe Hindu village and continue toward Dojam Changba (Dojami) buddhist community and to Chang La Karmo (Changla) 6900m Base Camp.

Chang La Karmo is the highest peak in Chang valley and it is very famous in Japan. Further we head toward Limi valley crossing over Phyajang La 5400m pass. This trek is new and wild, till now only handful of group passes Fyajang La pass 5400m. Chang Khola or Chang valley is very good grassing land for Yak, Horse and Goat of Nyinba community. It is resemble as Changthang of west Tibet. also before Hilsa border chang khola border is more famous trade trail with Tibet  incent time . you can see there many Himalayan herbs.

Once we cross Fyajang La pass than enter to Nying valley of Limi. After visiting villages and monasteries of Limi valley. We head toward to Simikot crossing over another two passes Nyalu La and Langdok La to Simikot. This wild trek in very new and need good knowledge and good team. Since explore-humla treks  is from local people, we have wide knowledge of area and dedicated team. also new rout founder in Humla area .

Impressions Limi Valley Trek